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    Why Greece?

    Is it the history, the culture, the people, the hospitality? Perhaps it is all of these factors that make you choose Greece as your preferred destination. After all, this is the country that has given us the Acropolis and Delphi and Olympia. Could it be the Greek islands? Mykonos, Santorini, Crete, Paros, Naxos and Rhodes with their beautiful beaches, restaurants, nightlife and archaeological sites. Maybe it is the allure of the Peloponessos with its high mountains and beautiful coast. Or perhaps the Greek food? Maybe the weather in Greece where they say there are 300 days of sunshine, most of it between May and November. Maybe it is the spiritual quality of places like Meteora where centuries old monasteries crown giant rocks.

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    Why Athens?

    The Olympic city (2004) Athens is an attractive destination that is a few hours away from most of European cities. Athens International Airport is one of the world's leading Airports for safety and overall passengers' satisfaction. Athens combines culture and entertainment with wide range of selection to satisfy all travelers taste from museums, galleries, concert hall, to ancient theatres. Exquisite services inherited from all projects for the Olympic Games 2004. Athens is the ultimate destination for convention, congress and meeting activities. Athens is just few minutes from Poseidon temple ot Piraeus Port, or few hours from the oracle of Delphi, or the beauty town of Nafplion.

  • Our high quality services include the following:

    VIP services
    State of the art meeting facilities
    Resort of hotel style accommodation
    World class food and wine
    Great activities for relaxing after a productive day
    Theme dinners
    Team building

  • Conference & Incentives Services

    A wide range of support services and logistics for organization of congresses includes:
    Incentive program
    Corporate and events organization
    Congresses and Seminars throughout in Europe and in Turkey
    Product launches
    Special interest & religious groups
    Our commitment to your event will ensure you get the result you need. Our team has over 16 years international event experience so you can be assured that you are getting the best advice and service, leaving your teams invigorated and inspired. More and more conference delegates are taking the opportunity to conduct pre and a post touring activity, which makes perfect sense why not take the time out to enjoy the fantastic travel opportunities that exist with Renaissance Congress Hellas S.A.

  • Ideas & Concepts

    Our team of experienced professionals is well known for their crative urge and imagination, coming up with innovative ideas and concepts that are best suited for your customized meeting. We have a long history of capturing and materializing such events.

  • Meeting Facilities

    We are carefully selecting the event venues taking into consideration your customized requirements as well as budgetary restrictions, trying to ensure that we still create amazing events for any budget. We have a wide range of facilities and strong co-operations with the best venues around Greece.

  • Other activities:

    Inbound travel
    Business travel
    Cruises and holidays packages (Greece, Egypt, Turkey)
    Educational travel
    Private honey moon packages

  • Dinner Gala

    Theme Dinners / Gala

    If your event requires a theme dinner or a Gala, then we are well equipped in creating such an event. Some examples:
    Nectar & Ambrosia Greek Gods
    Museum Atmosphere
    Sea Side Dinners & many more.

  • Team Building

    With Renaissance Hellas, we can choose together the best idea fro a team building concept. Some of our effective team building activities iclude:
    · Plato's Symposium· Mini Olympics
    · Cook & Taste· 4x4 Adventure Escape
    · Off Road Cart· Paint Ball Field

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    Our Partners in Greece

    Moptil Ltd, is a company that was founded in 2014. The company has two main activities, the cloud service AR provision or the development
    of customized AR applications for many different sections like retail, industry, etc and the provision of Augmented Reality Archeological Services (ARAS) for Archeological Sites.